Timeline disappeared

Hi, have I misunderstood something? But I can’t find the actual timeline anywhere!? It used to show up and work normally, but it suddenly disappeared, and at the same time I lost all the animations I made.

I made another completely empty installation locally and the timeline is no longer visible there either.

I am using Chrome Version 112.0.5615.121

Hey :slight_smile: Do the selector really exists on this page? The timeline is only showing for existing selectors. Could you re-check that?

Hi, thank you very much for quick response. And you were very close. :slight_smile:

I made an SVG animation, where the ID was in the code of the file itself. I made the animation (in Bricks Builder) first using the logo element. But I went to change it to an img element. Well, of course it doesn’t work in the img element, because it’s SVG!!!

Thank you very much once again. It was a stupid user error, as I thought. :smiley:


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Hehe great! Glad that you could solve this! :slight_smile: