Trigger on form submit


What am I doing wrong here: I try to have a basic animation when a form is submitted. The animation itself work, but it seems that the trigger is not working. See setup attached



Can you re-check if the ID really exists in the frontend and represents the <form> element?

Yep, I checked again, this is the correct ID. I manage to have it work with the default Bricks Form, but not with Pro Form. Maybe a connection to the support request that I sent yesterday evening ?

I can reproduce it. There is a bug in the current version caused that submit events cannot be triggered from outside. Will fix that asap! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will this come under the form of a new release? I am indeed waiting for this to be fixed to launch a campaign.
Thanks again,

Yes, but if you need it urgently, feel free to send me access. I can implement it already for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support. I will wait until the release unless it takes weeks :wink:
Best wishes,