Trouble with LS Cache and Pro Forms


I have some trouble with Pro Forms in conjunction with the LiteSpeed Cache – WordPress plugin. After x numbers of day, the forms stop sending emails. I read somewhere something about nonces being the culprit. Is there any special settings I need to make it work, or is it some compatibility that can be built into the Pro Forms?

Any help appreciated.

First, I’ll mark this as no bug, because it’s not a bug :slight_smile:

The main problem is that you’re caching nonces. Some helpful sources to understand the problem:

The second link gives you a solution using LS Cache and ESI to exclude specific nonces from cache. Or, just reduce the caching lifespan to 10 hours or less.

Hi Daniele,

Interesting. Learning every day. Is ProForm using specific nonces ? Looking at the second link that you posted, but I am not clear which one I should exclude to ensure the forms are working.

Thanks and best regards,

You can just exclude the wp_rest nonce :slight_smile: That should work.