Turnstile site and secret key can't be saved

Thanks for new updates! Can you check if I am do something wrong or is it bug… I can’t change site and secret key on Turnstile. My code is not same like saved one, strange (last 4 characters are not same and can’t rewrite it)…

Hey :raising_hand_man:t2: Not being able to change the keys is the expected behavior. You just can replace them. Can you try to include Turnstile to your Form? Should work :blush:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, that is why I checked the keys…
Just investigatig where could be a problem…, I have disabled submit messages and forwarding to thankyou page after submit and just getting Error message for custom error message after submit.
I will let you know if I can’t find any solution :slight_smile:

Unfortunately something is not working ok. I can’t see even cloudflare widget. Are you sure everything is ok with keys?
For site key in ProForm settings I see 0x4Axxxxxxxxxxnce7 for Turnstile but my site key on Cloudflare is 0x4AxxxxxxxxxxULnu and not able to replace it on ProForms

Did you follow the docs? :blush: Pro Forms – Bricksforge Docs

You need to add the field of type “Turnstile” to your form. Then it should be displayed :raised_hands:

ahhh jeez… mea culpa… I thought I’ve already added that field, sorry for spending your time on this :frowning:

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Great that it works :slight_smile:

It works but have lot of errors on page (Safari browser)… Is it normal? On Firefox there is 401 Unauthorized error

Are you using Turnstile on a SSL protected site? Also, make sure to not block such connections with a security plugin. Looks like a typical CORS issue.

It is https site on Litespeed server without any security plugin… I have firewall and atomic modsecurity, maybe this make problems?
First I will check Litespeed…

Yea, please try to disable firewalls and test again. This could be the reason for that :slight_smile:

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It was unsuccessful. I reached out to server support, but they had no clue about resolving the issue, as it doesn’t function on Mac computers. They suggested me to contact Cloudflare support about this issue…