Turnstile turned off but the script is loading anyway

Hello Danielle,

I have converted two pro forms on a website to the nestable version with Honeypot. I have deleted the old forms. Turnstile was activated in the old Forms. But now Bricksforge still loads turnstile, although I have deactivated it in the Bricksforge settings. Do you have a tip for me?

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Got it, there was a turnstile element in one form. If you turn it in the bricksforge settings off and you have a form inside the bricks builder it would load the cloudfare anyway.

Turnstile will be included if the following matches:

  1. You have enabled Turnstile in the captcha setting of the “Pro Forms” element
  2. You have inserted the element “Turnstile” as nestable element

Otherwise, Turnstile should not be enqueued in your page.