"Undo" shortcut (CTRL+Z) triggered on bricks actions when called from bricksforge code editor window


When editing some code on bricksforge events for exemple and using the shortcut ctrl+z to undo some changes, the undo is triggered both on the window code editor and in the last actions you did in bricks so losing changes made on bricks side without noticing / wanting it. Is there a way to prevent default ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, in fact the CTRL+Z is triggered on bricks when bricksforge panel is opened causing CTRL+Z actions wanted for bricksforge panel to be triggered both on bricksforge panel and your last action in bricks.

@Daniele is it possible to had a prevent default on key combination CTRL+z when bricksforge panel opened (but avoid the prevent default when BF panel is opened but minimized) ?