Upload pdf or doc in a file field to create custom post type with ProForms

I have a custom post type made with PODS that only has two fields: the one that gives the post its name and another, a custom field, which is a file field that allows uploading files in doc and pdf format. The custom post type works perfectly.

I want my client to be able to use this form in the FrontEnd and for that reason I built the form with ProForms from BricksForge.

1 and 2. I name the post and choose the file to upload it

  1. I click the button to send the form: It informs me that it has worked successfully

  2. The post is created but the file of my custom field is not added. It’s also not in the media folder, so it hasn’t uploaded.

  3. The name of my PODS custom field file

  4. The ID of the field created with ProForms.

Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes and/or how to make this work?

Thank you so much

Hmm… your config seems correct :blush: ACF and Metabox is saving images in a specific way. Possible that I need to add related Pods compatibility as well. As I don’t own Pods, could you send me access to your site that I can take a look? :blush:

And just for re-check: is it working with images?

I have done a test with a CPT that loads an image. The image is uploaded to the Media folder, but it still doesn’t give the file url from the file field I need to include in the queryloop

Hi Daniele :slight_smile: How is the compatibility between Pods and Bricksforge nowdays? I think Pods is a very mature/good developed tool as free alternative to ACF y Metabox and I’m thinking in use it in a new project about create properties (Real Estate site) with Bricksforge Pro Forms