Using automaticcss classes within Bricksforge

Is it possible to use the automaticcss classes within Bricksforge and how to achieve this.
Would be nice have one less plugin running :slight_smile:


My guess: find the CSS and the variables generated by the plug-in you mentioned and paste it into the global classes in BricksForge (without a prefix). After that, you could try to disable the plug-in and see what happens… @Daniele might have something to add, but that would be my approach.

Update: you currently can’t omit a prefix

I am still very much interested in this topic. Has anybody tried it yet. Maybe once we can omit prefixes this should be doable. I don’t mind a project like said CSS framework and specially if people want to pay a yearly fee for a interface to set some base colors, and gap settings… but isn’t it just some CSS and CSS variables behind the scenes? If we can emulate that with BricksForge that would be totally fine for my needs as many projects are starting to adopt said plug-ins CSS framework classes. Making it a subscription I am not sure I need, but is being pushed on us.

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I haven’t had the time to dig deeper into this, just installed the plugin and played around with it for 5 minutes.
But the initial video release made me curious about how to implement this. Maybe some more with more knowledge could come up with a way to do this ?

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There is also the legal question, but this is somewhat answered by automatic css itself:

From the FAQ:

Your ACSS license does not turn the framework or plugin functionality on or off. Rather, it controls your access to support and plugin/framework updates. If you cancel your subscription, the plugin and framework will continue to work on your site at the current version. However, your ability to access support and updates will end unless you choose to renew your license again at some point in the future.

Hence, if you cancel you are left with the stale CSS without an interface and that can be edited and used as you want. So, you’re basically paying for the comfort of a no-code interface to these utility classes and helper that calculate some colors. I completely understand that this is worthwhile to many, specially with the great support and hints you get as subscriber from a professional. On the other hand, if this continues to become a “standard” (in the sense that everybody starts building in support for it) in the Bricks community it is a hidden “tax” as most other third-party plugins/themes/designs demand these utility classes.

I think therefore I would want to research the technical approach using BrickForge to emulate the utility classes to such an extent that they make third-party stuff work that depends on it.

On the legal side, let’s also keep the discussion going as well. What are your takes and interpretations? Any opinions?

I have more of a stomachache with not wanting to take customers away from another developer. I’m not that comfortable with the idea. Therefore, there will be no tutorials from me in the sense of “How to make ACSS obsolete?”? I will not personally stand up for that.

But: It is of course possible to include the CSS framework into Bricksforge. As for the need of a prefix, I can also tell you that soon optionally the possibility will be there to create your class sets without.


Fully understandable and that is also not my intention at all.
I fully support the work of ACSS.
It was just an idea to avoid another plugin when I deliver the final project to a customer.
Less to maintain.

Over and out.
Btw. having some fun playing with the animation feature :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t expect less and then again BricksForge already replaces plugins other plugins and certainly will in the future. That is just the nature “of the ring that rules them all” :troll::woman_elf:t4::man_mage:.

I think I made my point as well and I stand by it. I will certainly be keeping looking into it and share my thoughts on it as well.


And that’s very fine! :+1: The community needs such competent and creative people like you! It would only give a wrong impression if I would advertise with it :blush:

Just from the stats alone, this adds a lot of stuff:

Contains at least:
110kb of CSS
200+ CSS variables
Total rules: 902
​Total selectors: 967

Some redundancies…