Whitelabel bricks and not only bricksforge plugin

Hi awesome team,

I purchased Bricksforge for the whitelabel option. Yes also for the other things but whitelabel was important for us.

Now you can only whitelabel the bricksforge plugin. We would like to whitelabel Bricks itself. Even if its only changing the logo, icon, name and primary color.



Ditto! One of the draws was the white label option, in which it was assumed that at the least the Bricks logo could be swapped out in Bricks and not just the Bricksforge logo in Bricksforge.

Awesome plugin overall and am very happy with the purchase!

Happy to see that I am not the only one

You can do this easily with custom css.
paste the following code into bricks>settings>builder> Builder mode (Custom)

#bricks-toolbar .logo {
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url("your logo url”)!important;

Fantastic! Thank you for that.

you’re most welcome!

For colors there are some variables you can modify (creating your own is also possible) here you can find the reverence: Builder Mode (Custom) – Bricks Academy

You can customize nearly anything in the custom builder mode!

hope this wil help!

@Daniele I have your vision on [quote=“Danielle, post:2, topic:183”] Brickforge has a particular user interface and thus a recognition value that it would lose. [/quote] intact :wink:

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Forgot to add this code for hiding the bricks logo itself.

#bricks-toolbar .logo a {
opacity: 0;