Why not use the variables Bricks provides to style your product?

Hi Daniele, you are doing a great job. there is one thing I wonder about. Why not use the variables Bricks provides to style your product?

Now it’s quite tricky to get everything in the colors I want. lots of hard coded css!

But if you use bricks veriables everything changes automatically. Would’ve been less work for you and easier for us to change. This way it looks much more native.

Yellow especially :grin: but actually too much color in a UI in general distracts me very much. that’s why I adjusted bricks in such a way that I no longer distracted from the colors.

Keep up the good work!

Grtz Vincent

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Hi Groovin,

welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

We actually thought about it and decided against it. Simply for the reason that it would limit us. Bricksforge has a certain UI and therefore a recognition value that it would lose. Also when we talk about white labeling or future features to customize the admin area, we can be more flexible if we use our own color variables. By the way, you have the possibility to set your colors via the white label area. There you could choose a monochrome style that is not so eye-catching :slight_smile:

But good thoughts. Thanks for that!


Oh I understand. With the future in mind, that’s a better decision.

Have a great day and all the best!

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