WP admin pages/Dashboard pulled from Bricks pages

I would like to see in bricksforge the possibility to can assign pages that we create with bricks to show in in the Dashboard or in a new admin page.

Something similar at that:

But out of the box.

Ithought on that because I think it’s not so far from the maintenance mode that we have already.

By the way, The password for maintenance mode will arrive in the nexts days/weeks?

Thank You


Hi Marco,

thanks for this feature request!

What the others think about this? Is this needed for Bricksforge? :slight_smile:

PS: Password for maintenance is planned for the 0.9.2.

It is in line with BricksForge customizing the client/user experience (like limiting by role, in this case it would be a dashboard page per role for onboarding per role) and as long as the feature is limited to bricks pages it is a helper for Bricks users. If this feature does try to be compatible with pages from other builders (for that the WP Admin Pages plug-in does a good job already) I think it could be looked into as a extension. I would second the request given above limitations and viablity.

Completely agree. Have to be focused on bricks.

From a technical standpoint it would be probably the easiest to load a Bricks page or maybe even template (but a template would be missing a publishing context for ACF etc.) or a custom CPT for these type of pages in a full size iFrame adding a role limit. That would mitigate backend and frontend resources being mixed in the same DOM scope. I haven’t looked into how WP Admin Pages takes care of that “problem”. Just a gut feeling on how it could be achieved without running into unintended side effects hell. From one BricksForge user to another.

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Very old boilerplate maybe worth to look at

It could be the beginning for a iFrame wrapper and optional JS bridge (postMessage). The hooks used seem to be:




I generally prefer a vanilla dashboard, aside from the welcome screen, which I’d love to replace with a Bricks template. Cool idea :slight_smile:

There are at least two options, full page replacement and the usual resizable widgets. A third option might be the space WordPress itself uses to announce a new WordPress version (half page on the regular dashboard).

god the amount of people who would get into bricksforge if that was there, and if there was a way to bloody style that wordpress left sidebar menu, oh my god, people would be so happy.

Nice idea but so long as it doesn’t slow things down. Other admin modification plugins all have a really negative effect on admin performance which just isn’t worth the trade-off.

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If you only act on the hooks it should be performant.

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