Create a repeatable container

Hey Everybody,
is it possible to repeat a container based on a number?


  1. User enters the number 2 into a form field
  2. two containers appear


  1. User enters the number 4 into a form field
  2. four containers appear

Each container should have the same content.
So its like a query loop by number.

Thanks a lot for your help.

In about 2 weeks, first beta of repeater fields in Pro Forms will be released. That’ll allow any type of field(s) to be repeated on click of a button :slight_smile: Can’t promise you an exact timeframe on when it’ll be out of beta but it is being worked on.

If you need this feature before then, the only way I can think of rn is a slightly tedious way using conditions. Basically have your fieldgroup X times inside your form, assign a condition to each to show if the value of the number field is at least Y

Iam really excited about this feature!
Thank you.

Would you be so kind and show me how to make this setup for at least two elements?
I cant really figure out how to make a condition based on the input of a number field.

Thanks a lot.

Sure thing :slight_smile:

Create a number input as well as multiple conditional wrappers like so:

Settings of the conditional wrapper (use the field ID of the number input):

Just increase the number in each wrapper and they’ll show accordingly

If you know it’s never gonna be more than 10 or so, I guess its manageable haha but definitely gonna be a lot simpler once we got the native repeater functionality. Might wanna add a maximum number to the number input as well, so people don’t go to add 15 entries when you’ve only set it up for 10.

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