Dymanic action messages stopped working

I have a number of forms that have dynamic data for success and error notifications. I have set them few weeks ago and they worked fine. I am sure as I ran lots of tests with forms.

It is php function that pulls an acf field value (my client will set the texts themselves)

The code works fine when inserted in basic text. But it does not work in forms anymore.


OFFTOPIC: I have an advice to improve Email Designer documentation explaining how to connect a template to the form. The text there is very unclear: To assign a form, just enter the form ID with the syntax: form_id . For me “form_id” is what I see in bricks. I have spent few hours trying various ways of how this can be understood until I have read your explanation in one of the threads that the #brxe needs to be removed from id. Moreover, I have spent one more hour trying to follow this recommendation. Earlier I HAVE CHANGED the visible id of the form to be more readable. So all my manipulations with template were in vain until I guessed to check data-script-id field in inspector.

Hey @avarezhnikova,

thanks very much for bringing that into attention! It was a bug which has been fixed in the dev build. I will deploy a new version probably tomorrow :slight_smile:

Regarding the email designer stuff: good hint. :pray:

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The error message is still not rendered!


Fixed in 2.0.10 :slight_smile: