Form Summary - shows empty fields despite the setting not to show

I don’t want multistep form summary to show fields, that are not filled in. They are often even not shown to user if conditions are not met. But currently it shows all the fields (surprise for user) despite the setting to show hidden fields is off.

Related issue is that it is impossible to exclude empty fields from confirmation email (set either in Bricks or in Email Designer). Also a “surprise” for the user.

I don’t know if you’ve seen my comment to the fixed bug post about dynamic form notifications rendering.

There you have fixed successfull notification, but error message is still not rendered (php function code is shown instead).

Has any further progress been made with this issue? I only email the results of the form to the client and they are very confused when field labels are displayed in the email that were probably not even displayed to the client because of certain conditions not being met.

Further to this I asked chatGPT “Is it possible to exclude field labels from the results email that have no values i.e they have not been filled out.”

The response was “Yes, it is possible to exclude field labels from the results email for fields that have not been filled out in Bricksforge. You can achieve this by using conditional logic in the Email Designer tool, which is part of Bricksforge. This tool allows you to create custom email templates that include only the fields that have been filled out by the user.”

Makes sense to me, but on investigation I can see no way of assigning an Email Designer template to a Pro Form.

I have not checked my issue as my project is over. But could you elaborate the problem with assigning the template to a proform.

It is done in template settings. There you need to put the form ID. If you have set your own id for the form, it will not work. You need to check the page code to look for this id.

Do you do this and it is not working?

Any chance you could show me a screenshot? I can’t find any such settings.

Here is the setting in the template.

And here is where you can find the form id for it.

If you succeed in removing fields from email when they are empty, please let me know.

It’s easy when you know where to look, thanks so much it worked.