How to use the Select field to let user choose an image - configurator

Is there any possibility to create a configurator with ProForms and Steps?
For example: with a Select field, in the Options (one per line) area to be able to put images in order for the user to select an image. Then in the Step 2 to select another image. All the images then should appear in the Summary section of the form, and then Submit.
Is this possible? Thank you very much.

Maybe using custom posts/fields? I work with MetaBox. It would be amazing to have a field where you can put dynamic data and work. I tried with custom field but didn`t succeed. The field in the front end is empty.

I did something similar using a slightly hacky workaround: Images in radio / checkboxes - #2 by manc

Alterntively, I’m working on a slightly more tedious but robust solution here → Render template shortcodes in form This one still has some issues though so once I’ve figured those out, I’ll make a post with a walkthrough.

Only thing I’m not sure about is the summary element. I’m currently just using a custom one in which I populate the values using JS.

If you’re a lil familiar with JS, the 2 links I shared should be a good starting point. If not, wait for the walkthrough once Daniele has time to help me with my last issue :slight_smile:

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