Interaction for Form Submit


I want to display a popup or an element when a form is submitted. The Bricks interaction for form submit seems not working with the Bricksforge Pro Form.

The Native interactions don’t target the Pro forms submit.

You have to create a submit event in the Bricksforge panel.

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Thanks. How do I do that?

Here is the doc on bricksforge Panel.

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How @Cyrus has mentioned, you should use the Bricksforge Panel for that, as the Bricks Interactions are not inculding Bricksforge Form events :slight_smile:

Is there a workaround for Form Success? I need to show a popup by animation after a successful submit, which is a no brainer in Bricks. I’m about to switch back.

I can do that for you.

Would you let me?

Is this possible in the BricksForge panel? A custom condition for the On Submit event might work but I haven’t figured it out. I abandoned my plan of a separate popup and use two forms on the same popup. The first submit displays the second form, but it would be nice to delay this until it’s successful.


Whatever you choose.

Thanks for your offer to help @abey, but I’m not entirely sure what you’re offering. Are you suggesting I give an internet stranger access to my site?

I need an event to fire on Pro Form Success, like Bricks, the option below Form Submit in the original screenshot.

If it can be done, point me in the direction.