Make Frameworks Tailwind Based(if it hasn't yet)

Honestly, I didn’t use any framework before. So, I knew almost nothing about ACSS and Tailwind.

If Bricksforge’s framework is built according to the standard framework like ACSS or Tailwind based, I believe more people would come over to Bricksforge as I noticed so many people asking about ACSS or Tailwind. I am not sure about the standard of the frameworks by Bricksforge.

This would help to grab more customers from framework users(who might not want to use such complex frameworks like ACSS).

What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

Tailwind is a huge ton of utility classes and requires a mechanism to only use the ones deployed or you end up with an pretty huge CSS payload. It is also very small-scale system making a ton of classes necessary. This step is what makes more complicated than others. To be honest… most of these are pure overkill, and you are learning a skill that is not as generic as knowing CSS itself and applying it globally. Hence, that would be the first step. Use global classes and see how they can mitigate work when repeating the same settings over and over again… and then realizing that a global class can do it for you. The next step is using utility classes that have the basics repeated task already in place or ar tailored to the CMS your using. Something like Tailwind is at the end of a process like this … and is more a design system to generated a utility toolbelt. ACSS is a step before that … it is tailored to most comon web designs and bricks/oxygene colorsystematics…

If you want to use tailwind there is Winden… for now.


Hi guys,

I agree with Max for this topic. Tailwind is reeeeaally complex. And for the most webdesign projects the classes will absolutely overpowered. Most users will have to spend a lot of time to understand the systematics.

To keep it simple, we’ve got our inspiration from a very small CSS framework which focus on the layouting basics:

We really have to think about: which Utility Classes we do really need for web design projects? Why would designers choose Winden? Why choose ACSS? Do we really need all the classes that are provided? Or do we always use only the 10-15 basics?

I don’t know if a complex framework would be the right thing for Bricksforge or if simple would be better in this case.

@Community: which helper classes do you miss in the current framework? Are there any gaps that need to be closed? I have never really used ACSS or Winden. So I may be missing something… :slight_smile: I really need and appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much!


I’ve never used any of them. I hope opening this thread will help to accumulate more ideas about this.

This is a pain.


The good thing about BricksForge is that it offers an open playground for global classes and can tailor to anybody’s needs. It comes with a small sample and initially doesn’t overpower. If there would be ever more built in it should be something that can be loaded from a gallery of (user) additions and not built in right away. I’d rather see things like the adhoc visual editing. To allow small design system to have a visual representation.


im not sure bricksforge needs to go down the route of incorporating things like tailwind, oxyprops, acss. it needs to remain agnostic to allow people to do what they want. dev can focus on new things and not trying to please every framework there is.


I agree with Max & Daniele. Sorry, I have to admit, I mentioned Tailwind in a Feature Request I posted because I knew it had a much larger user base than the CSS framework (Codebase) I was trying to use.

I think Tailwind can be useful when working with JavaScript frameworks, but doesn’t make sense with Bricks. Plus, like you both mentioned, it’s too complicated to output only the CSS that you need.

I still love that Bricksforge lets us add and experiment with adding a CSS system. I’m still not sure if adding a CSS framework to Bricks is necessary, but I do like the idea of having some “classless” styling as a starting point. Being able to add some utility classes and CSS variables on top of that is icing on the cake.

I think Bricksforge already has the right approach – keep it simple and allow users to add their own complexity.

I haven’t tried the built-in framework yet, but will now definitely give it a look.


I used ACSS in the past and now I’m with Oxyprops. I started to use ACSS because I wanted to have few things out of the box and (I have to admit) Kevin it’s doing this kind of marketing that I hate but that sometimes I fall in.

My why for Oxyprops was completely different. I need it to have the possibility to have light/dark switch for a project and Oxyprops it’s doing it out of the box. In this case, the developer is super skilled and he is not trying to push you to buy.

I think that Bricksforge have the right approach. A little framework and, what is more important, the possibility to create your “own framework”. Personally I can add my own classes helpers there and forget other frameworks because at the end I use few clases and variables.

I think that the power of Bricksforge is not in the css but in the JS.


Great! So many valuable opinions from you guys. :blush:

Hey D :sunglasses:
Will there be classes connected with stylesheets that only loads on lower screens?

Ex: Now we have brf-col-5, brf-col-7, brf-col-8 etc.
Classes like brf-col-m-4, brf-col-s-2 etc. that follow bricks breakpoints. A bit like ACCS.
Then you can sell BricksForge as the awesome tool it is, but also as framework that’s enough for most people and don’t have 500+ extra stuff like accs you only use, like never…

Think it would be good.

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Hi K! :slight_smile:

You can :wink: Check the Grid documentation here:

Example class: .brf-col-6-md


That’s interesting. How often do you think you’ll use OxyProps now that you can create your own CSS framework in Bricksforge?

To be true, I could do that before with adding classes in a snippet, but I like how brocksforge holds that.

I will still using oxyProps for now because now you learn faster you’re, but I will use my own classes for a small projects.

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How would you do column span in oxyprops/bricksforge?

I use the grid from oxyprops
You can follow it here

What I like about what I saw in OxyProps (I am not a user) is a way to integrate classes at the appropriate positions in the bricks interface as pop overs. That would be neat for custom classes in BricksForge. Imagine setting some meta data like the context in the to suggest the class in the Bricks interface in a small hint via a CSS comment. Then the class would be suggested for example when you are editing CSS classes on a certain type of Bricks element.

:exploding_head: im coming from acss so its re learning everything.

Had some issues with setting font and sizes so switched a build to acss, need to retry oxyprops.

I had looked at the OxyProps site earlier but it really didn’t grab me. After your comment, I decided to have another look and watched the Full Site Build tutorial. I was so impressed that I bought it.

I have to admit, I wasn’t completely convinced about ACSS, so I was experimenting with adding a different CSS framework with Bricksforge. Now that may not be necessary. My only concern is that OxyProps may be a bit heavy, although I see you can turn off things you don’t need.

@Spipov Yes, it seems like there’s a lot to learn, but also a lot that you can do with it. Check out the Full Site Build tutorial if you haven’t already.

i want to use props but im having issues even starting. for some reason, i cant change the canvas/background colour (it remains fixed on surface-1) and fonts as well. they get overwritten straight away or you cant change them from oxyprops theme styles. ive tried with and without global oxyprops classes but still not working. the dev (cbontems) isnt really responding at the minute - so im kinda stuck using acss, and i need to start 2 builds (ive already started one with acss and can still switch to props) but having a hard time using it at minute.

That’s frustrating, unfortunately I don’t have enough experience with it to help troubleshoot, I only bought it yesterday. Maybe you can find help on the OxyProps discord when you have more time?